The Chords in My Life

I have always been interested in music to be listened to on a pair of speakers or with headphones.I like to give control of the listening environment to the listener and headphone pieces allow the listener to choose when/how/where to listen.

In November I began a piece entitled A Map Vol. 2: The Chords in My Life which creates a chord for each person who has impacted my life. The piece continually grows as I meet new people so once a year it is updated to include new people. I wanted to create some sort of sonic representation of the current version that could be updated along with the score. I decided to differentiate those who have passed (which is also represented in the score). In this case the chords were played once each on a piano and chords for those who have passed were plucked on the strings of the piano. I wanted some sort of sonic field for the chord to exist in so I used recordings of places I met the people in the piece. The recordings are primarily from Las Vegas, Nevada and Avon, Connecticut. The sounds from Connecticut are from a thunderstorm that happened during the summer. The sounds from Las Vegas are taken from the inside of several casinos on The Strip. I’m Looking forward to updating the piece (both score and recording) every year.

Here is a recording of the current version from January 2016 a special thanks to Billy Bivona for recording all the piano chords:


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