Recent Recommendations #2: Wandelweiser

Notice: It has been brought to my attention that WQXR’s Q2 music has already has a segment entitled Current Obsessions so I have changed the title of my “Current Obsessions” to Recent Recommendations.

It may be due in part to my studying with Michael Pisaro, a member of the Wandelweiser group at CalArts, but recently I cannot get enough of the music written by these composers. Wandelweiser is a group of composers/performers/artists that center around silence and create absolutely stunning music. My original intention with this post was going to be to discuss their work and the group, but it seems that recently, many larger outlets have been doing just that. Instead I’m going to use this as a kind of hub of links for more information on the the group (Sort of a small reference guide) as well as some of the pieces I’ve been obsessing over. The biggest hope is to have a discussion about the work created by this group.

This link is to an article on the history of Wandelweiser written by Michael Pisaro and can be found on the Wandelwieser website (which is also linked below):

Gravity Wave (a label curated by Michael Pisaro) as well as Erstwhile Records (which distibutes many of the discs put out by wandelweiser composers including Edition Wandelweiser) Both labels are run by Jon Abbey.

There is also a fantastic write up of Wandelweiser by Alex Ross that was recently feature on  his “The Rest is Noise Blog/The New Yorker:         the-wandelweiser-collective

My CD Recommendations:

The Punishment of the Tribe by its Elders – Michael Pisaro

The Middle of Life -Michael Pisaro

Tombstones – Michael Pisaro

Continuum Unbound – Michael Pisaro

The Earth and The Sky – Michael Pisaro

On Foot – Craig Shepard

On Foot: Brooklyn – Craig Shepard

String Quartets – Jürg Frey

String Quartet #3 – Jürg Frey

24 Wörter – Jürg Frey

Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014 – Jürg Frey

Silent Harmonies in Discrete Continuity – Antoine Beuger

Cantor Quartets – Antoine Beuger

Wandelweiser und so weiter – Wandelweiser Box Set


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