B is for Beuger

First off, I’d just like to address I made a mistake in my previous post, I am actually not a day behind in the challenge so the Letter C will be saved until tomorrow!

Now with that disclaimer out of the way I’d like to introduce today’s composer, Antoine Beuger! Antoine is a composer I have recently discovered (within the past year). Since learning about him, his music has been an excellent source of intrigue and exploration. As some of you may recall from my “Recent Recommendations” post Antoine is a member of Wandelweiser (in fact he runs Edition Wandelweiser). Much of his music consists of incredibly quiet sounds, silence and, extended durations.

Recently, I took part in a performance of his piece of Being Numerous in Michael Pisaro’s Experimental Music Workshop at CalArts. I found the performance to be incredibly ear opening both as a performer and as a listener. I have performed many pieces for an “open instrumentation” but for some reason Antoine’s piece seemed to indicate something more than just choosing  an instrument or even a sound or sounds. The movement of the sound and the physical placement of the instrument or object seemed to be of great importance. Perhaps this is due to the subtlety of the music itself or the use of silence. Everything in this music becomes amplified due to the vast space and durations. The reduction and subtly in the music of Antoine Beuger is not only inspiring but also invigorating. To many people silence and slow moving music can be boring or uninteresting but in Antoine’s music nothing could be more exciting


…Of Being Numerous for open ensemble

Silent Harmonies in Discrete Continuity electronic music

Landscapes of Absence various instruments and speaker

Calme étendue for mbira

His music can be found on Edition Wandelweiser Records and more information on his work can be found at http://www.wandelweiser.de. If you haven’t checked out the music of Wandelweiser I highly recommend it (also check out my post Recent Recommendations #2 to read more about Wandelweiser).


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