E is for Evans

Many people who know my music or even just know me are aware of my love of pieces involving nature. While I do have an interest programatic music having to do with nature or even music that evokes nature, I have always been more interested in other ways of relating the natural world and music/art. This has been a common threat in all four composer’s I have discussed in this series thus far. Nat Evans is a composer who exemplifies the connection of nature and music.

Evans’ most adventurous project has been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail over the course of several months while composing and creating field recordings along the way. He contributed to the popular new music blog Newmusicbox.com to update followers of the project. The culmination of this was an album entitled The Tortoise which, featured several collaborators composing pieces using field recordings from Evans’ hike.

Recently, Nat has released a new album entitled: Coyoteways This album is also about Evans’ experience hiking the PCT but with a different compositional focus (having to do with coyotes and coyote tales). I plan on listening to the album throughout the rest of this week (as I just discovered it!) and I couldn’t be more excited to be hearing new music by Nat.

Recommended Listening/Viewing:

The Tortoise (Album with multiple composers, pieces by Nat Evans from the album stated below)

The Pact with the Coyote in the Boulder Field


Shallow Notion of Progress

Coyoteways (album)

Nat’s Newmusicbox article:




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