N is for Negrón

Angélica Negrón is a composer whose work I have been getting to know the past few weeks. I first discovered her music through an article which discussed nine different living composers and while I was at least familiar with the eight other names, I didn’t know her name. I decided I should know more about her since the list was full of composers I love. I went to her website and was immediately drawn to the pure joy of the music. Her works include many different instruments some are more conventional like a standard orchestra or vibraphone solo but, others include accordion, toy instruments and even electronic gamelan.

The first work I heard which I am currently obsessed with is Bubblegum Grass Peppermint Field for electronic gamelan and string quartet. This piece just makes me smile for so many reasons, the timbres are so joyful, the music is very clever and it sounds like it must be a blast to play! One of my favorite aspects of this piece is that she didn’t write a piece in the traditional gamelan style nor did she use the gamelan instruments in an entirely traditional manner. The original sound-world in combination with the fact that the strings and gamelan are used equally rathe than one being an accompaniment to the other, allows this piece to be incredibly unique.

I am excited to share her work and deeply listen more of it once I can finish listening to Bubblegum Grass Peppermint Field on repeat.

Recommended Listening/Viewing:

Bubblegum Grass Peppermint Field

What Keeps me Awake


La Isla Mágica

Memories of a Penitent Heart (Film Score)


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